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Lumileds Introduces the Most Reliable, Brightest High Power LUXEON 5050 Package

LUXEON 5050 Square has the industry's highest throughput and performance, and its powerful package makes streetlights, industrial fixtures and downlights brighter and longer lasting.

San Jose, Calif. – the world's leading provider of innovative lighting solutions LUXEON 5050 Square LES (Light Emitting Face) LED, a square multi-mode emitter that provides industry-leading throughput and performance for directional lighting applications. Developed on the LUXEON 5050 Round illuminator, the LUXEON 5050 Square is the solution of choice for street and downlights, while increasing throughput by 25% and delivering the highest performance in all 5050 packages on the market. LUXEON 5050 Square also outperforms competitors' modules in corrosion resistance testing, significantly reducing flux attenuation and reducing color cast when used in harsh environments.

“The EMC (Epoxy Molded Composite) package of LUXEON 5050 exhibits corrosion resistance comparable to ceramic packaging. Standard industrial testing in sulfur environments also shows that LUXEON 5050 Square has significantly less flux loss and color shift than competition. Opponent to the 5050 size illuminator. This allows for a more reliable design in the final application,” said Mei Yi, LUXEON 5050 Product Manager.

This brighter illuminator in the standard 5050 package size relies on the industry's highest combination of throughput and efficiency to easily replace existing systems or design new, reliable luminaires. When the 5000K 70CRI illuminator is nominally driven at 160mA, the typical flux of the LUXEON 5050 Square at 170 lm/W is 825 flux. The industry's top performance translates into more efficient fixtures or uses fewer illuminators in a more compact design. The transmitter's low thermal resistance substrate (1.4°C/W) further reduces the size of the luminaire, reducing the heat sink requirements.

The original LUXEON 5050 Square product has a color temperature range of 2200K-6500K, a minimum CRI of 70, and voltage options of 6V and 30V. The LUXEON 5050 Round product is available in the same color temperature range of 70CRI, 80CRI and 90CRI and is available in 6V and 24V voltage options. Lumileds has just released a 2% upgrade to the LUXEON 5050 Round, further consolidating its lead and efficiency leadership, demonstrating its further commitment to developing the 5050 package. All illuminators are thermally tested at 85 °C to ensure excellent performance under real world conditions.