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STMicroelectronics and Virscient work together to expand development support for the Telemaco3P auto

Virscient provides wireless connectivity expertise to STMicroelectronics automotive customers, accelerating time-to-market for secure connectivity products

ST has partnered with Virscient, a software and hardware development service provider, to provide support services for car dealers when developing automotive solutions using the STMicroelectronics Telemaco3P vehicle information connectivity processor.

Virscient provides support services for customers developing and advanced automotive applications using ST's Modular Telematics Platform (MTP). MTP is a versatile development and display platform that integrates ST's Telemaco3P vehicle information and connectivity microprocessors. MTP supports the prototyping and development of smart driving applications, including the connection of vehicles to back-end servers, road infrastructure and other vehicles. Wireless technologies and protocols such as GNSS (Precise Positioning), LTE/Hop Cellular, V2X, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy are ideal for building car networking systems, and Virscient will bring customers to accumulate in these areas. Years of deep expertise.

The Telemaco3P features the Arm® Cortex®-A7 dual-core processor with built-in hardware security module (HSM), a separate Arm Cortex-M3 subsystem and a rich communication interface. With the design principles of safety first and flexible design of software and hardware, Telemaco3P is an excellent vehicle environment connection platform.

Philippe Prats, Head of Marketing and Applications at EMEA, STMicroelectronics Automotive and Discrete Components, said, "We have chosen to work with Virscient to support the design of Telemaco3P for two reasons. First, they have a unique expertise in embedded systems and wireless technology development. Knowledge, secondly, they are able to help customers transform their connected products from concept to product and successfully market. The Telemaco3P platform allows our customers to offer new categories and products in the automotive information processing market. Virscient is working together to enable more and more innovative companies to reach out and use this exciting technology."

Virscient CEO Murray Pearson said in cooperation with the two parties, "We are very pleased to work with STMicroelectronics to enable more companies to use the Telemaco3P processor to develop market-leading innovation platforms."

“ST and Telemaco3P set the security standards for processor and connectivity solutions for the automotive information processing system market. With Virscient's software and hardware development capabilities, and our extensive experience in embedded wireless and wireline connectivity technologies, Telemaco3P customers can break through the design limits and bring products to market as quickly as possible."

About Telemaco3P

ST's Telemaco3P system chip is a cost-effective, secure and reliable in-vehicle cloud connectivity solution with an asymmetrical multi-core architecture with a powerful application processor and an independent CAN control subsystem optimized for power management. ISO 26262 chip design, embedded hardware security module, and automotive certification level up to 105°C ambient temperature make it the best choice for secure automotive information processing applications that support high-traffic wireless connectivity and over-the-air firmware upgrades. .

About STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics (ST) is the world's leading semiconductor company, providing efficient, intelligent products and solutions that are relevant to everyday life. STMicroelectronics' products are ubiquitous and work with customers to achieve smart driving, smart factories, smart cities and smart homes, as well as next-generation mobile and IoT products. By enjoying technology and enjoying life, STMicroelectronics advocates the idea of leading a life.augmented with technology. ST's 2018 net revenue was $9.66 billion, with more than 100,000 customers worldwide. For more information, please visit the STMicroelectronics website at

About Virscient

Virscient provides high-quality wireless connectivity solutions for the automotive, audio, IoT and industrial markets, helping the world's leading semiconductor and device vendors bring products to market faster. Virscient has deep expertise in secure wireless and wireline connectivity systems, providing customers with engineering services and intellectual property rights for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 5G, GNSS, LoRa, Sigfox, IEEE 802.15.4 and more. Virscient's partnerships with customers include full support for technology selection and project execution across hardware design, embedded software development, network stacks/protocols, applications, and interoperability and regulatory compliance. For more information, please visit