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Infineon Introduces Industry's First 1000 A DC Regulator Solution for Next-Generation AI and 5G Netw

Infineon Technologies AG introduced the industry's first 16-phase digital PWM controller, the XDPE132G5C, to further expand its high current system chipset solution product lineup. The product solution provides 500-1000 A or higher supply current for next-generation CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and ASICs used in high-end artificial intelligence (AI) servers and 5G data communication devices.

The XDPE132G5C is available in a 7 mm x 7 mm 56-pin QFN package and accommodates up to 16 phases. It features a fully digitally programmable load line and is compatible with PMBus 1.3/AVS, providing a full range of telemetry capabilities. The XDPE132G5C controller is compatible with the industry's most efficient integrated current sensing power stage, the TDA21475, to deliver more than 1000 A.

As CPU current requirements continue to increase to support next-generation artificial intelligence and network workloads, DC-DC regulators (VR) need to supply more than 500 A. With a 16-phase digital PWM engine and optimized advanced algorithms, the XDPE132G5C controller can meet the power requirements of these high current multiphase applications. Active current sharing between the phases of the power supply enables a reliable, compact and cost-optimized design. Not only that, it does not require the ability to configure additional multiple PWM logic multiplying ICs to achieve high currents, as is commonly done with multiphase products today.

In modern communication systems, ASICs and FPGAs that use leading-edge processes generally require V out control steps of no more than 1 mV. This is the intrinsic feature of the XDPE132G5C, which allows fine-tuning of V out in 0.625 mV increments. In addition, it can meet the automatic restart requirements of communication devices, reducing the need for remote site maintenance in the event of a power or system failure.

The XDPE132G5C is available in a 7 mm x 7 mm 56-pin QFN package with a maximum output of 16-phase PWM control signals. It features all-digital programmable control, complies with PMBus 1.3 and AVSBUS standards, and has comprehensive telemetry capabilities. Combining the industry's highest efficiency and thermal performance with the integrated power stage TDA21475, the XDPE132G5C controller efficiently delivers more than 1000 A.

The 70 A rated TDA21475 power stage is available in a 5 mm x 6 mm package with an efficiency of over 95% and is the industry leader. Thanks to the advanced molded package, the successful top metal exposed design has significantly reduced the thermal resistance R th(j-top) from 19°C/W to 1.6°C/W. Therefore, in practical applications, efficient heat dissipation can be achieved on the top of the package, resulting in superior power density design and optimized VR phase number and size. To maximize CPU/ASIC functionality, the TDA21475 also provides intelligent overcurrent and overvoltage protection and provides accurate real-time temperature and current information to the XDPE132G5C controller.

The 10-phase PWM digital controller IR35223 further complements Infineon's portfolio of high current chipset solutions. It is a cost-effective option for VR solutions with current requirements up to 500 A. The IR35223 is available in a 6 mm x 6 mm, 48-pin QFN package with advanced transient control and telemetry capabilities and is compliant with the PMBus 1.3/AVSBUS bus standard.

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