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STMicroelectronics' digital input audio amplifier integrates automotive diagnostics to create a safe

ST's FDA803D and FDA903D automotive-grade digital input audio amplifiers feature a rich set of functions that help simplify system integration and maximize the reliability of in-vehicle information services and emergency call equipment and hybrid/electric vehicle acoustic alert systems (AVAS). Improve the quality of high-end infotainment systems.

Provides low-noise, high-quality signals through the I2S interface, TDM digital audio input, and filtered feedback topology. These two mono 1x45W Class D amplifiers simplify application design and save bill of materials. In addition, the FDA803D and FDA903D integrate complete I2C automotive-grade diagnostics, including exclusive playback mode DC offset monitoring and open-circuit load detection, for next-generation amplifiers that design economical basic safety devices. These integrated features also simplify the certification of the automotive mandatory safety standard ISO 26262 ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level).

The FDA903D also adds a load current monitoring feature that continuously monitors speaker current for advanced diagnostics and improved speaker performance.

The new product expands ST's FDA product family of automotive-grade, high-reliability, full-digital audio amplifiers. The FDA product family also includes 2-channel products with integrated reliable diagnostics and ST's innovative concept of filtered feedback and a 4-channel product with a maximum output power of 4x135W.

By providing low distortion, high quality audio signals, the FDA803D and FDA903D can be used to increase the number of channels in high-end infotainment systems. It can also be integrated into safety devices to drive speakers with a minimum load of 2 Ω and built-in output power limiting to protect Small or low-priced speakers. The PowerSSO36 package has exposed heat sinks on the bottom, making the new product energy efficient up to 90% (4Ω, 1kHz, 20W), excellent thermal performance, support for no-heatsink design, reduced module size, and simplified vehicle installation.

The FDA803D and FDA903D have a wide supply voltage range of 3.3V to 18V and can be used in a variety of on-board equipment powered by automotive batteries or other power supplies. CISPR Class V testing ensures that the terminal design meets stringent automotive EMC specifications.

Production grade samples of these two devices are available now.

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