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MPS Automotive Grade USB Dual Type-A Charge Controller Fully Integrated Solution ---MPQ4492M-AEC1

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The living standards have improved, and there are more and more electronic products. There are more and more occasions for charging. Especially for the use in cars, single-port car chargers are becoming less and less effective, and multiple ports become necessary. In the car USB charging application, it is becoming more and more compact and refined charging solution, and the AEC-Q100 Qualified charging chip MPQ4492 introduced by MPS can fully support the dual 5V/2.4AUSB Type-A output, which is powerful; Its high integration and high performance are highly recognized by customers.

[program function]

MPQ4492M is a fully integrated solution for automotive-grade USB Type-A charging controller. It converts input DC: 6-36V to 5V/2.4A; 2.4A is a fast car charger that can charge IPaD or fast for other electronic products. Charging, with overcurrent, overshoot, overload, over temperature and other protection functions. It can be used not only for front/rear installation of individual car chargers, but also for front/rear installation of car multimedia to expand the USB output port.

[Special features] (including the advantages and features of the program)

1. The peripheral PCB is simple and has few components, and the overall cost is low.

2, flexible and compact package, QFN-25 (5mmx5mm), height 1mm, fully integrated MOS, very suitable for a variety of small-inch structure design.

3, with soft start, PG, OCP, and other functions, to provide full detection and protection for the entire system.

4, with a wider range of voltage input, lower temperature rise curve, output current up to 5A, fully integrated solution, higher output efficiency, when the dual port simultaneously outputs 2.4A, in the case of Vin = 12 to Vo = 5V, Up to 90% efficiency!

5, 350kHz/250kHz/150kHz Frequency Three switching frequencies are available to meet the efficiency design of different applications and solve the EMI problem.

6, in line with AEC-Q100 Grade-1 certification, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments of the car, easy to design.

In short, the MPQ4492 is simple, compact, stable and reliable, and is the first choice for car-class dual-port USB TYPE-A charging.

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