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Vishay's T55 Series Polymer Chip Capacitors Add D and V Dimensions and 16V to 25V Voltage Levels

Capacitors of size A and B have lower ESR

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced that it has expanded its T55 series of vPolyTanTM surface mount polymer 钽 molded chip capacitors with new D and V form factors and higher voltage ratings from 16V to 25V. In addition, A and B form factor devices achieve lower ESR.

Capacitors released today are suitable for power management, battery decoupling and energy storage in computer, communications and industrial applications. Devices with larger D and V form factors are suitable for network devices, computers and solid state drives, and smaller A and B form factor capacitors are available for tablets, smartphones and wireless cards. Capacitors increase the voltage level and support the common 12V to 20V voltage in the power supply voltage of computer peripherals.

The low ESR of the T55 capacitor is due to the polymer cathode, which far exceeds the performance of devices using manganese dioxide. In addition, these devices feature an excellent ripple current rating of up to 3.9A IRMS with low internal resistance for improved charge and discharge characteristics.

The T55 series is available in J, P, A, B, T (low height B, up to 1.2mm), D and V, capacitance range from 3.3μF to 470μF, voltage rating from 2.5V to 25V, and capacitance tolerance of ±20 %. The device features ultra-low ESR from 500mΩ to 15mΩ at +25°C and 100kHz with an operating temperature range of -55°C to +105°C.

The T55 series capacitors are lead-free terminated and are RoHS and Vishay green, halogen free. The device can be mounted using a high-speed automatic pick-and-place device with a moisture sensitivity rating of 3.

New grade specification sheet: